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Thank you messages

Messages from previous parents from our message book which can be found in our setting.

I've barely blinked and 2 years have flown by. Part of you waits for the milestone of your children starting school and now its almost here you find that you're not quite ready for it after all. This is more difficult when you have to say goodbye to a wonderful Pre-school and an incredible team. 
We couldn't have found a more perfect setting for Freya to grow and shine and we are truly grateful to everyone of you for your part in her journey. She is leaving here with more confidence, wisdom, kindness and sassiness (if possible) thanks to the love and guidance you have given her. I am also grateful for the kindness and support you have given me over the recent difficult months and in turn my daughter. 
Thank you for the memories and thank you for caring!

July 2023

To the wonderful vibrant staff of Towntree, 

Thank you! 

Your smiles have made my daughters time here one to remember. You kept the children happy and content while we were all going through the crazy times of covid. Thank you :) 

My daughter is leaving Towntree confident, content and happy. You all have done a fantastic job day in day out and we couldn't recommend this Pre-school enough. 

We will miss you all! 

July 2022

Your love for the kids shines through in all that you do. Their smiles, artwork and daily conversations shows your dedication and care you give them daily. I appreciate everything you have shown taught and time spent with my son and he couldn't of had any better start in his education and care than you. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you!!

July 2021

To the most amazing nursery staff ever! 

Thank you so much for what you have done for my son. He has loved his time with you - you rescued him from being such an unhappy boy at the previous place to encourage him to be the happy boy who enjoys school. Such a fantastic place, I can't thank you enough for everything and i'm so sad him time with you was so short.  

July 2020

We are so thankful for everything you've done for our little girl. She has loved everyday of it and made some lovely friends and memories. 
We couldn't recommend you enough!

July 2019

Thank you all for all you have done for our cheeky chappy, he has enjoyed his time at Towntree and so did our other two boys. It is a great testament to you all of how good you are at what you do as the boys have always looked forward to coming to nursery. 
You have been extremely accommodating with our days due to Dad working nights & we really appreciate this.

July 2018

Thank you for everything you have done for my daughter. Your care is amazing and always has been since day 1! You are consistent and so efficient!
We are both going to miss you all but will see you soon with my next one

July 2017

Thank you for everything you have done for my son over the last 2 years. He has enjoyed coming here everyday and is going to miss nursery!
You are all very approachable and have been accommodating to us.
Thank you all again!

July 2016

We just want to say a big thank you to everyone at Towntree for everything that you have all done for our daughter. Over the time she has been with you she has developed from a quiet, shy girl into a little lady with bags of confidence. We are incredibly proud of what she has achieved whilst with you. Her reading and writing is just fantastic and hopefully this will give her a great start in reception. Each and every one of you has played a part and we are greatful for your enthusiasm and encouragement.

July 2015

Thank you so much for your care, kindness and education! As a child minder I go to a lot of pre-schools/nurseries and you guys have made this the best one I have come across. It has always been a pleasure to drop her off to you.

July 2014

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